The Heart of the North Carolina High Country

The Gable Haus Inn was built in 1910 and has undergone numerous renovations

There are winding stone walkways around the perimeter, connecting the cottages to the main haus. The garden comes alive in the spring and lasts through autumn. Presently there are 3 cottages available for rent.

Quaint, comfortable secluded cottages with full baths, full kitchens, tv and wi-fi. 

Many excellent dining choices, wine bars, wineries, breweries, coffee bars and gourmet cheese shops near-by.

Diane Ford

Owner's Message

The present owners, Michael and Diane Ford, acquired the Gable Haus Cottages in 2020 from Erich Gurr and Norma Fowler and accepted the importance of continuing to provide a warm and welcoming alternative for skiers, hikers, nature lovers, antique and art admirers looking for a calm, quiet getaway in beautiful Linville, NC. 

Michael Ford